Q: Mr. Zendis… Your 'Zendian artwork' has been praised by celebrated artists, sought after by prominent art galleries, it has been featured in renowned publications, you’ve done official artwork for some of the greatest bands on the planet, and your skateboard art was recently crowned by China’s  动物权益  magazine as ‘the best’. NOW you’re doing beer and wine labels for rich Persians! WOW! Your campaign seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train. Why are you so popular?


A: YES! Most of the people I associate with are drunkards, so it felt natural venturing into the world of *craft beer and independent wine labels. I look forward to contributing to the world’s alcohol problem and fulfil my dream of making ten million dollars. 

You will also find that this section of the website features some lazy digital art which is currently selling in the NFT market for millions of dollarydoos.*Although a few of these examples are clearly nonsense, I've got some awesome upcoming projects with real breweries  :)