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Catholic school teacher by day, summoner of horned beasts of the netherworld by night.

Like Bruce Wayne, Erol lives a secret double life (except he is not rich). By day, he teaches at a respected catholic secondary school and by night, he draws strange demented-demonic-cartoon-creatures (typically with a felt-tipped pen). His eccentric and surreal characters are influenced by what he often drew as a child... There are too many influences to list!

Erol also draws awesome stuff for awesome bands [LP/EP covers, merch, gig flyers/band posters and SKATEBOARDS @ with all of Erol's profits going towards finding a cure for PBFD]. Erol's work has been praised by celebrated artists, featured in Chaotic Utopian Magazine, on Castle Face Records,  Fuzzy-Sun, Boardpusher (Deck of the Week), ...And Justice for Art, official RSASA Postcards and the iconic 臭いうんち 美術館 in Tokyo.


📽 Make sure you check out the videos on the CREATURES page of the website:​ + Delve further into the Zendis psyche in the INTERVIEWS section.

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