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Teacher at a Catholic school by day, summoner of horned beasts of the netherworld by night.

​Just like Bruce Wayne, Erol leads a double life, although without the billionaire status. During the day, he educates at a respected Catholic secondary school, but once the sun sets, he unleashes his creativity by conjuring up bizarre and demented creatures through his trusty felt-tipped pen. Inspired by the drawings of his childhood, Erol's eccentric and surreal characters are a delightful fusion of countless influences that would take an eternity to list.

​Erol is the artistic mastermind behind amazing designs for awesome brands and bands. He crafts captivating LP/EP covers, merchandise, gig flyers, band posters, beer/wine labels, and even official skateboards available at Over the years, a portion of Erol's profits have gone towards funding research for a cure for PBFD (Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease). His artistic prowess has earned him accolades from renowned artists, and his work has been featured in esteemed publications like Chaotic Utopian Magazine, Castle Face Records, Fuzzy-Sun, Boardpusher (Deck of the Week), ...And Justice for Art, official RSASA Postcards, and the iconic 臭いうんち 美術館 in Tokyo. Erol Zendis is currently a headlining feature artist at the Hive Gallery in LA, CA (voted best Art Gallery in LA) for the Line Attack! Exhibition.


📽 Don't miss out on the captivating videos found on the CREATURES page of the website:​ + Dive even deeper into the enigmatic mind of Erol Zendis by exploring the INTERVIEWS section.

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